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Round 6 Week 7 – What a Wicked Child you have become

OK so this weeks song challenge from my good friend Mr. Snow was to write a song based around a tragedy or disaster or Crime that has occurred during your lifetime in the area you were living or located. So I chose the recent finding 2 miles up the road from me of a man and his girlfriend recently arrested and charged w the crime of murder. The 2 bodies were found in shallow graves in his back yard and it turns out he was into the Occult. His house has now been demolished due to unlivable conditions. It was something out of a Satanic movie. Anyways. I had fun with this one, and thanks to my girlfriend Amanda for adding her vocals.


Round 6 Week 5 Song Challenge – Do Svidania Soyuz1

For this week’s song challenge Mr. Eddie McBride tasked us to write with a song about Space.

I tried to write it loosely based on the Soyuz1 crash in the 60’s from the perspective of Cosmonaut Komarov. At least that was my intended plan on what to start with. If it worked or not? well I’m still not quite sure.

I have issues with my own track, but ended up having PC problems so I was unable to finish tweaking it to my liking. A good idea, but not quite fully developed, anyways. Hope you enjoy.

Round 6 Week 4 of MM3am Song challenge

OK so I’m starting late here on wordpress, but my plan is to keep this page up to date with my weekly song challenges posted within our Songwriting group. This week we were tasked with writing a song titled “Your Mileage may Vary” (open to any style or interpretation so long as it did not reference¬† a vehicle). So I went the route of writing a weird little song about the old board game of Snakes and Ladders. Enjoy.